Why you should 

work with me?

Your professional development does not have to come at the expense of your personal growth or freedom. That's why I empower self-starters to communicate more effectively within their personal brands. I believe in fostering an online as well as an offline community of creativity, expression, passion, and individuality. I love when I can work with a brand to materialize a creative vision, and get entrepreneurs ready to step into that space fearlessly!  There is so much more you can accomplish when your online presence reflects YOU.  Maybe your current implementation isn't quite doing it for you, or you'd rather focus your precious energy elsewhere in your business.  

We possess such a privilege to share our stories daily through our digital content, why not make that experience as interesting as possible?
I work with entrepreneurs and self-starters, even established businesses who are looking to put their creative ideas out in the world in new and effective ways. Growing a personal brand is hard enough even when you have plenty of photos and content. But what if you don't?  You know you are more than a #selfie and that your work is more than a #persontyping on a computer!


Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Pitch Curation    Brand Strategy 
Social Media 
  Events Content    Creative Story Writer    Research & Development Initiatives

Work Experience


Village Book Builders - Communication Lead

Marketing Specialist & Communication Lead for a non-profit organisation empowering villages around the world to drive change and end the cycle of poverty through education; based out of Wisconsin, USA.





Vein Studio - Co-founder

Creative Director & Co-founder of a conscious homegrown label, based out of Dehradun, India.


Sustain The Mag - Contributing Writer

Freelance blog writer for an online sustainable magazine, based out of New York, US.


PokerBaazi - Content Writer

Freelance creative blog writer and social media strategist for a poker company and its undertakings - IPN, Ballebaazi, Rummybaazi and Pokershots; based out of Delhi, India


Aastha Kaushik Label - Content Writer

Freelance social media content & post copy writer for a pret and fusion clothing label based out of Delhi, India.


My Perfume - Content Strategist

Planning, organizing and curating social media content on a freelance basis for a perfume brand based out of Delhi, India


Response Fabrics - Content Writer

Freelance social media content & post copy writer for a home decor and commercial sector textile company based out of Ghaziabad, India


I Knock Fashion - Blog Writer

Freelance blog writer on several niches including apparel, styling, beauty, design education, etc. for a fashion/lifestyle media & news platform based out of Delhi, India.


Devika Diwan Design Studio - Coffee Table Book Project

Designing, Layouting and Creating content for a coffee table book for an interior design studio; based out of Delhi, India.


Future Perfect Education - Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer for an IELTS coaching institute, based out of Jalandhar, India.


Senhora Magazine - Content Writer

Freelance article writer for a fashion/lifestyle/travel print magazine, based out of Noida, India.


Delhiites Magazine - Social Media Manager

Part-time social media manager and proofreader for a luxury lifestyle magazine, based out of Delhi, India.


Kidding Around - Content Writer

Freelance Social Media Copywriter for a Moms & Kids fashion/lifestyle exhibition, based out of Delhi, India.


Anomaly - Fashion Assistant 

Full-time social media manager, customer relations and fabric sourcing assistant, managing and overlooking sampling and production processes for a conscious clothing label, based out of Delhi, India

Satya Paul - Assistant Designer

Full-time assistant fashion designer for a global design label at their head office, based out of Gurgaon, India.

Bhaavya Bhatnagar - Design Intern

Full-time fashion design intern at a design studio, based out of Delhi, India.

Varun Bahl - Design Intern

Full-time fashion design intern at a design studio, backstage assistant at fashion shows, based out of Noida, India.



NIIFT, Mohali

B.Sc in Fashion Design (Graduate)

1998 - 2012

Ann Mary School

Pre-School, Primary School and High School Education


  • Ardent lover and supporter of all things organic and homegrown

  • Book nerd (especially dark & twisted thrillers, true crime, horror and fiction stories)

  • Movie & TV series buff (adding onto the aforementioned genres - psych thrillers and serial killer documentaries, folklores  & urban legends, unsolved mysteries)

  • First and foremost true passion - Singing and discovering new music

  • Writes poems and prose when thoughts just cant seem to contain themselves

  • Yearns to travel the world