Let's get back to basics and save ourselves: A conversation with SUSTAIN's Founder, Reza Cristián

It was the year 2019 and I was sitting in a one bedroom apartment in Delhi, scrolling through my Instagram feed when I stumbled upon a "call for contributing writers" by a digital publication named, SUSTAIN the Mag. Little did I know that the very opportunity would open up the doors to Narnia, sending me into a whole new dimension of sustainability, preaching the idea of ethical, conscious living through tales in and around the globe.

Fast forward to 2021, here I am, sitting with the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the magazine with which I started my editorial journey. Now celebrating SUSTAIN's third anniversary in 2021, Reza Cristián is a beacon of hope for every sustainability enthusiast out there, who's willing to make even the tiniest bit of effort towards breaking stereotypes in the real world all the while saving the planet one syllable at a time. The eco-warrior has been making waves in the media industry and continues to do so through several myth-busting tactics and strategies along with redefining and revolutionising honest, raw, impactful storytelling.

Now, let's hear it from the boss woman herself:

Hi Reza! I’m so glad to finally sit with you (virtually) and talk about your journey through it all. I’d love for you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Thank you for having me and featuring my work! My name is Reza Cristián, I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SUSTAIN the Mag. I am currently based in Austin, Texas and when I am not working on SUSTAIN I am taking care of my foster kitties and enjoying as much nature as possible.

Would you like to walk us through your passion project, SUSTAIN?

SUSTAIN the Mag for me was a way to disrupt the fashion media publication industry. I wanted to create something for misfits and rebels like me because I knew there were so many others who felt the same way like I did, but with a big step and spotlight on sustainability through all aspects in life. I wanted to normalize it and create something that was budget-friendly and all about being resourceful and inclusive.

What has your heritage, your culture and your early childhood taught you about sustainability? What do you think has carried forward in your life, from those teachings?

I grew up in a Mexican-American household so I learned how to be resourceful from a very young age. I would reuse items from plastic utensils, bags and recycle bottles/cans for extra cash with my brothers, as well as go thrifting or shop at the flea market, which are things I still hold dear to me today. I didn’t really ever think of what I was doing as eco-conscious until much later in life and I am grateful for carrying these traits with me today into my adulthood.