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Inspired by the good ol' United States AirMail Envelope design introduced in the early 1900's, the Vintage AirMail 1930 NY Postcard is an embodiment of the very era that made snailmail possible. The postcard front exudes a more 'homely' atmosphere with tiny elements, like that of a hanging bookshelf with a flowerpot and a cozy lounge chair. A poetic ensemble also takes centre stage in the form of a conversation snippet between two generations. The space on the back invites you to write to your loved one, with additional address space provided on the right. Notice the vintage yet colourful 1930 NY stamp on the top right corner. Use your own stamp in that space, if the postcard needs to be sent.


Psst.. Did you know?

Airmail envelopes were typically designed with a colored border depending on the country in which the letter came from. For example, envelopes from the US or the UK would have the red and blue border, since these colors are in the nations’ flags. This made it easier during mail separation. One could easily pick out international mail from a nation’s internal mail due to the colored edges of the envelopes.

Vintage AirMail 1930 NY Postcard Set

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Product Info

    Design Type: Digitally Illustrated

    Dimensions: 14.8 * 10.5 cm

    Material: Textured Ivory Paper 280 GSM (Matte)

    Packaging: The postcards are delicately and securely packed in a handmade paper sleeve.

  • Shipping Info

    Pan India: 7-10 Days

    Overseas: 15-20 Days

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