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I’m Gunjan, a persistent learner of all things creative and homegrown. Not long ago I awoke

on the purpose of sustainability and ethical living and it has changed me for good. Towards the start of 2018, I launched a conscious label with a partner and we’ve been adding to our database of sustainability since.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been taking up freelance content projects in different niches - from fashion and wellness to gaming and ethical living in the new age. Creative writing and entrepreneurial learning opened a whole new world of possibilities for my imaginative brain; for starters I aim to provide a voice for every talent that’s being ignored and forgotten!

Blueprinting visions for start-ups and individuals in terms of pitch building and brand development

Sustainability wasn't always what I saw as a higher purpose in my work. I started off as an apparel designer for a conglomerate, after interning under various design labels. Not long ago did I realize there was more to fashion and design, than the industry was letting on. I shifted my focus to social media for a conscious start-up label soon after, which opened my eyes to what I'd like to term a 'unique calling'. 

Things weren't so simple right at the very beginning. Right after I visualized the inception of my own homegrown label, I figured it was time to put my skills to the very best of use. Story-telling and content strategy gave me the wings to fly. Not only did I work with various names in the content sector, but it gave my 'passion project' the love it deserved (and not just from us). That's when I wanted to help the ones who carried a similar vision, a platform where talent goes unnoticed, a world with infinite possibilities to achieve greatness.

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