Beyond The Boundaries of Color with Yaya Williams

"I never really connected well virtually in fact it’s fair to say I’ve been avoiding it with a lot of people lately, but I do enjoy it now, in this moment. I truly appreciate this way of communication and this right here is something I'm really excited about,” – NY Artist/Performer Yaya Williams is a force to reckon with. We talked our hearts out for 3 WHOLE HOURS on a Zoom call about all the good and the bad around us, her journey being a black artist and facing racism early on, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the #Covid19 Pandemic, Mental Health stories, love and relationships, and yes, sustainability! I'm actually starting to believe in this whole quarantine thing bringing out the best in us.

Yvette Yaya Williams - a Professional Make Believer, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Storyteller, Disciple, Artist, Poet, Activist, Animal Lover, she’s this and so much more. 'I Exist Therefore I Am' is a philosophy that Yaya truly believes in and lives by.

Originally from Ohio, Yaya spent a major portion of her childhood learning the true meaning of love and family. ‘I grew up on a small farm with my mom, dad and two brothers. I was always exposed to nature and building an intimate connection with your loved ones. Closer to nature, the closer to God. I came to New York to find myself and through the course of being here, I’ve worked on many different platforms – Film, TV, Music, Animation, Voice Makeover, Professional Modelling, and NOW definitely feels like a homecoming.’

She reminisces her Sunday times with the fam, Every Sunday, I’d host this potluck with friends - my chosen family “Soulfood Sundays” where we talk about things you want, things you go through, life, love, we even had a prayer box for special requests & silent calls for help. After the evening got over & everyone had left, I would go through all payer requests & offer as much support as I could. I actually grew up really spiritual, lot of my friends didn’t believe in church so I created my own church in a way! See, in the end it’s all about having your own crowd and gathering the love and light you find. It’s funny because this conversation, between us, is similar to my Sunday Potluck. It’s a concept of testimony and storytelling 😊

If you’re wondering how we met, we haven’t yet! We’re just two souls who crossed paths and believed in the same ideologies and life theories and found a reason to connect and share our journeys. I got the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the #BossLady herself, and like a curious little cat, asked everything I had on my mind all these months being at home. Here’s what really went down:

We’re having this conversation right now because we’re going through the toughest phase of a changing world, a better world for black artists, even more specifically black female artists. I would love to talk to you about your journey through the same and how you see yourself in a transforming world of today.

I struggled with being a creator as a young person. I wanted to do so much and dabble in different avenues, for instance I wanted to be a vet because I’m an animal lover but then I wanted to make people laugh so I wanted to be a comedian, then an actor so that I could utilise the trait of connecting with people to bring joy into the world. Through the course of my journey, I learned that the more you experience life, you find yourself doing things you never even imagined. I've been pulled in many a direction and I've learned to adapt to every unimaginable space. Through living my purpose & being an artist, I discovered my true passion was always people and the study of human<